Looking for information about Australia Healthy Coffee?

Looking for information about Australia Healthy Coffee?

This page will go through a new healthy coffee in Australia that is set to tantalize the taste buds of Australians and offer a opportunity for people to own their own coffee business and be a part of the billion dollar marketplace.

Healthy Coffee
Healthy Coffee

Coffee is something we all love with Billions cups of coffee being consumed daily worldwide and many of us drink 3 -4 cups a day on average…But…

Why is Coffee Unhealthy?

The unfortunate truth is that…coffee can be unhealthy for us as it is very acidic and affects our pH levels in our body making us more acidic which is not good for your health

Acidity can raise your blood pressure and dehydrate you and many other health problems, along with the caffeine jitters and caffeine crash. In fact it takes 17 glasses of water following drinking coffee to bring your pH back to neutral

How to Eliminate the Negative Effects of Coffee with Healthy Coffee

The good news is that there is a healthy coffee that can give you the same pickup boost as coffee but makes you feel good without the jitters and crash that comes from regular coffee.

How? The healthy coffee is infused with a organic herb Ganoderma Lucidum which has the ability to help improve the body’s healing capacity and longevity.

The benefits of this herb comes with millions of 3rd party validation – just do a search on pubmed.gov It is a natural anti-inflammatory and is known to detoxify the body as well as provide more energy.

Benefits of Ganaderma include:

Benefits of Ganoderma

A Coffee that is 100% Certified Organic

Many people are also losing weight drinking this healthy coffee. Each cup provides you with over 200 Vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. The coffee is 100% certified organic.

You can also get healthy Green tea and hot chocolate.

Australia Healthy Coffee
The taste is gourmet and people love the healthy coffee and the added benefits of drinking it.

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Top Marketers in the World Sell Coffee

Of the top 10 marketers in the world in this direct sales industry 5 of them are from the healthy coffee business

How do I get the Healthy Coffee?

The cost of this gourmet organic healthy coffee is less than 0.60 cents a cup at wholesale and retails for just over a dollar. This certainly beats the $4 and $5 cups of coffee we buy which has no health benefits.

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